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General Information

What are your hours?

Our main office and phone line open Monday through Friday at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. However, if you are seeing a physician at a satellite location, or if you are scheduled to have diagnostic testing, you may be asked to arrive earlier in the morning. The business office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Where are you located?

LCA’s primary office is located at: 7777 Hennessy Blvd., Suite 1000, Plaza Two of Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge. Additionally, we have five satellite locations. A full list of office addresses can be found by visiting our “Locations” area.


How do I make an appointment?

LCA offices are open Monday through Friday, except for certain holidays. Offices are generally open from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

If you are making a new patient appointment, please call (225) 757-2419.

If you are an established patient, you can make an appointment with your scheduler at the end of your appointment, or you can call our main number, (225) 767-3900 and ask to speak to your physician’s scheduler.


When should I arrive for my appointment?

New patients are asked to arrive thirty minutes before your scheduled appointment time, so that our front desk receptionists will have time to enter your demographics and insurance information into your electronic chart before your appointment.

Established patients are asked to arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment time, so that our front desk receptionists will have time to update your electronic chart with any changes you may have before your appointment.


Where should I park?

Free parking is made available at all of our locations. Additionally, covered parking is available at our Hennessy location, in the bottom floor of the parking garage next to our offices. This location also offers free valet parking at the main entrance of Plaza Two.

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Billing Information

What insurances do you accept?

We participate with most major insurance carriers in South Louisiana. A full list of insurances accepted can be found by visiting the “Insurance” section under “Patient Resources.”


Do I need a referral?

Most insurance companies require that you have a referral to visit a cardiologist. For more details, please contact your insurance company or your primary care physician.


Do I need my insurance card(s) for every visit?

Your insurance card will be electronically scanned into your chart on your first visit. After that, you will need to present your insurance card if you have received a new card, changed your policy or have made other changes that might affect your insurance coverage.

Having a current copy of your insurance card ensures that we have the most up-to-date information for your insurance company. This helps avoid billing errors, which might otherwise result in your being billed for charges that would normally be covered by your insurance company.


Will my health insurance be filed for me?

LCA will make every effort to verify your coverage prior to your scheduled appointment, yet LCA cannot guarantee coverage of services by your insurance company.

As a courtesy, LCA will file your insurance claims for you and will communicate with your insurance company to resolve payment issues. However, in some circumstances you may be required to communicate with your insurance carrier to resolve these issues.


How do I know if I have a co-payment?

Co-payment amounts are usually listed on your insurance card. A visit to a cardiologist qualifies as visiting a “specialist.” If your card does not list your co-payment, please contact your insurance company.


Where do I send my payment?

Any charges not covered by your insurance company will be mailed to you in the form of a billing statement. This, along with your payment, may be sent to:

Louisiana Cardiology Associates

7777 Hennessy Blvd.

Suite 1000

Baton Rouge, LA 70808


Who can I contact if I have a billing question?

Please contact out Billing Department if you have any questions about your bill. The Billing Department can be contacted by calling (225) 767-3900 and dialing “6.”

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Clinical Information

How do I prepare for my first visit?

It’s best to wear comfortable, two-piece clothing to your appointment. You will be asked to change into a gown for an examination.  Wear walking shoes (or bring them with you). We also ask that you bring all of the medications you are currently taking.

It is not necessary for you to fast for your first visit. After being evaluated by the cardiologist or nurse practitioner, it will be determined if tests are necessary.

Before you see the physician you will be weighed, and your blood pressure and pulse will be noted. We will also discuss all of your current medications with you and make an up-to-date record of the discussion. At this time, you should tell the nurse about any symptoms or concerns that you have.

It is very important that you give a complete and accurate medical history to help us diagnose and treat your condition. Please bring copies of any tests that were ordered by another physician.

Depending upon medical findings and any symptoms that you are experiencing, some diagnostic tests may be ordered, including blood work. Most of the testing is done in our office. At times, tests may be performed at an outside facility or hospital.


Why do I need bloodwork?

Bloodwork is a very important part of diagnosing and monitoring certain medical problems. Blood results can help the physician determine which organs in your body may need treatment, or if levels in your blood need medication to be regulated. It is very important that you understand which blood tests are being done and what those results tell the physician.
Blood tests have to be specifically ordered according to what the physician is looking for; therefore, we will only get results of the specific tests that are ordered. If there is a certain condition you are concerned about, please discuss this with your physician/practitioner before your blood is drawn so that appropriate bloodwork can be ordered to address your concerns.

It is not necessary to fast for all bloodwork.  Please ask if the bloodwork ordered for you requires that you fast.


How do I prepare for my test(s)?
Basic cardiac tests require little preparation.  If preparation is required, you will be informed at the time you schedule the test. It is recommended that you wear comfortable, two-piece clothing, and bring or wear walking shoes. You will be asked to change into a gown for most tests.

If multiple tests need to be performed on the same day, you will need to prepare to be at our office for several hours. You may wish to bring a snack.


Do I need my medications for every visit?

In order to ensure the best patient care, we ask that our patients bring all the bottles of their prescription and non-prescription medication to their visits. This guarantees that the correct medications and dosages are entered into your chart at every visit. If you cannot bring all the bottles, we ask that you bring a list of all medications, along with the dosages and amounts taken.


How can I get my medications refilled?

Please call our office at least three days before you run out of your medication. Ideally, we would like you to call one week prior. This gives us time to call in your prescription and ensure that you do not run out of medication. Once the medication is called in, it should be available to you to pick up at your pharmacy of choice.

Some patients will need to make a follow-up appointment with their physician to check the effectiveness of the prescription before another refill is called in. If this is the case, you will be redirected to a scheduler to make an appointment.


How can I get in touch with my physician?

Due to a rigorous schedule of seeing patients and performing procedures, LCA physicians are unable to communicate with every patient over the phone. Instead, we ask that you leave a voicemail for your physician’s nurse. Voicemails left before 4:00 p.m. are returned on the same day. Our nurses make every effort to answer all queries with promptness and efficiency. If you feel that you need to speak with your physician directly, we ask that you make an appointment with the scheduler.


What do I do if I am having problems?

If you believe that you are having a heart attack or any other life threatening emergency, please dial 9-1-1 immediately. If your problem is not life-threatening, please call and speak to an operator. You will be transferred to a nurse, who will assess your situation and give you follow-up instructions. 

An LCA physician or nurse practitioner is available to respond to your emergency medical needs 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week. If you need to speak with someone after hours, call our office and the physician or nurse practitioner on call will respond to your needs.

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Medical Record Information

How can I obtain my medical records?

LCA medical records are provided, upon request, to our patients at no charge. If you are seeking a copy of your records, we ask that you call one day in advance and speak to someone in our Medical Records department. When requesting your records, you will be asked to verify your date of birth and social security number. You will then need to fill out an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form, which can be found in the “Forms” section under “Patient Resources.” This form can be brought to the office, if you are picking up your records, or it can be mailed or faxed to your home. While we can mail your records to your home address, we are unable to fax them, for reasons of confidentiality.


How can an authorized third-party obtain my medical records?

If a third-party, such as a lawyer or your insurance company, is requesting your medical records, these requests will be processed through our outside copy service. The third-party will need to provide an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form filled out by you, as well as documents justifying the need for your records. All third-party requests are rigorously screened, to be sure that all requests are legitimate. Third-parties will be charged a copying fee, which is determined by the copy service.